i am on fire

Have you seen the new advert by Nike…the one where a group of women are working out different sports… where, in the middle of it, a women goes- ‘Come on Yoga, Change my life’…

thats what I am doing… I get up everyday and say..”Come on Yoga, Change my life”… the truth of it is, Yoga cannot change my life, only I can. Yoga Can be an instrument though. It can be the north pole, which shows you the way even on the darkest of the nights. 

Here, in the middle of no where, Dharamsala… Thats what Yoga is doing for me. It’s showing me the way, its guiding me with delicate hands and a tender smile. Yoga is my unreal mother, my soul stirrer and my mirror on the wall (it only tells you the truth). 

There are days, when the clouds (the ones in the sky and the ones in our hearts) make it difficult to see past something. To look beyond the present and see the brighter future. These are the days Yoga specially helps. Having a Guru is like a blessing from above… 

Finding your guru’s in your friends, is like a jackpot. Funnily, on the days the clouds take over the sky, I have found the strongest sun-shine in my ‘Shala’. I’ve learned that everyone, absolutely everyone here, has something to teach me, its my choice to learn from them. 

Doing this, Yoga Teacher Training, was very instinctive. I gave my Instincts a chance and they got me here. I have to say, this course has taken me on a journey of a lifetime. I wouldn’t have felt what I feel today without this. Its been healing. Its been revealing. 

Its given me power and its taken away doubt. When I came here, in the wilderness of Dharamshala, I was lost. I was without a purpose. And now, when the time comes near to leave this place, I feel found.I have my confidence back. 

I have my Fire back. I know now, that I am capable of pushing myself (not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually). 

I’ve Found myself through each and every person here. All the students, the teachers. They are me. Yoga philosophy teaches us, We are One. and if you give it a chance, It’ll prove the same to you.

Thank You Parimukti for Being what you are. 

I am found now. 

  • love Anu

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