Butoh – dancing between life and death

Last Friday our yoga group went to see Butoh dance as a part of the training. Before the performance, Merel suggested us that we could take the experience as a form of meditation. Butoh dance can arouse deep feelings in the viewer to, feelings that one may not have been even aware of before.
Butoh is brave: it’s not afraid to dig deeply into the dark side of human nature, not avoiding taboo subjects. Everything from birth to death can be expressed and seen on the show. Dance can be at times very slow, small and silent, sometimes very dramatic and loud. Initially Butoh was invented in Japan after WW2 to express and deal with those dark feelings inside people after the horrible happenings of wartime, and as turn away from the Western styles of dance.

This time desire, sadness, fear, greed, sense of imprisonment, confusion, and joy among many other feelings were danced out. The performers with their unique and sometimes very dramatic roles sinked deep into their expression.

For many in the yoga group this was the first encounter with Butoh and the dance aroused amazement and interest. For some the experience was very intense and even difficult to watch at some points. For all of us the experience definitely gave something to think and feel about.
The Butoh Dance Theater school with house and garden, and with dancers and pets around, is absolutely beautiful. The place is like a fairyland with amazing mountain views.

What a wonderful way it was to start the weekend. 

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