Buggin’ out

Breaking out in an itchy rash in India is surprisingly not as fun as it sounds.

My whole body is covered and I can’t stop scratching. It is actually my worst nightmare. I can’t sleep. I can’t manage a single Down Ward Facing Dog without scratching myself like one! Clothes, sun, moisture..everything aggravates it.

When I told the people that own the guest house I am staying in they told me it is a “Yogi Problem”. Ha!When I went to the doctor for the second time he laughed, wished me luck and handed me some toxic cream. Cheers Doc!

So these past two weeks its been getting worse and more unbearable.It saddens me to say but this has happened in order to to teach me a lesson.

I am not quite sure what that lesson is yet. Maybe it is ironically to be comfortable in my own skin.It has definitely thought me the art of stillness. Have you ever tried to sit in meditation when it feels like 10,000 feathers are tickling you?

Its making me angry, its making me sad, its making me miss home but most of all its making me look at myself and find out why this happened. Its my karma and Im going to have to deal with this uncomfortability. I often wonder what the hell i got up to in a past life!

Have you got an experiences of getting sick or breaking out in an allergy abroad?

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