Parimukti Online Therapy Training

Parimukti Online Therapy Training

Merel Teaching Anatomy

Our Parimukti Online Therapy Training can be done from your own home on your own schedule which will enable you to use yoga and meditation as therapeutic tools. It is the ultimate opportunity for yoga practitioners and teachers that want to raise their own understanding, practice and teaching to the next level. Also, this training is interesting for bodyworkers such as masseuses and dancers, that want to increase an understanding of the effect of yogic practises like yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation.

This training will deepen your understanding and practical skills to keep their practice and teachings fresh and inspired. The training consist of a number of different modules. There is no specific sequence to the modules and you can choose whichever is calling you most at this specific moment.


Currently, we offer the following module:
1. Applied Anatomy u0026amp; Physiology  with Merel Martens: Author, Yoga Therapist, Public Health Scientist and former Medical student

Module Curriculum
This is a 10 week online module consisting videos, question and answer sessions and self-study focused on:

Physical Anatomy u0026amp; Physiology
In this module, you’ll deepen your understanding of the muscular skeletal system. The physiology of the major bodily systems: the respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, the digestive tract and the nervous system will be explored in depth. To deepen your understanding different teaching tools are being used: e.g. skeleton, images, and live models. Also, practical tips on how to integrate knowledge of anatomy and physiology in yoga classes and therapy sessions are included.

After completing the Applied Anatomy u0026amp; Physiology module you will

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of the skeletal system and how muscles, bones, and joints work together to move us in space
  • Have an understanding of other tissues in the body like tendons, ligaments and fascia and why and how we keep them healthy
  • Be able to do a general postural analysis and give suggestions for asanas to relief symptoms related to posture
  • Be able to give different poses and suggestions to different students, depending on their individual posture
  • You’ll have the ability to determine which particular muscle needs strengthening and which muscle needs stretching by looking at an individual in a (yoga) pose
  • Have the ability to suggest different adjustments for different students
  • Understand the importance of diet in relation to physical, mental, and spiritual health and why we avoid certain foods
  • Have a deep understanding of the brain and the nervous system and the effect of yogic practices such as asana, breathing and meditation
  • A deep knowledge of modern diseases like diabetes, slipped disc and lower back pain, stress and burn out, heart and vessel diseases, and irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, fears and panic attacks and through which pathways yoga works to both relieve and prevent them
  • Solid foundation in the understanding of breathing, how it effects the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system and gives a sense of calmness and happiness

The cost of the complete course is €850.

Who is the Applied Anatomy u0026amp; Physiology Module suited for?

The module is suited for the following individuals:

  • Dedicated yoga teachers that want to raise their teaching to the next level by practically integrating knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Serious yoga practitioners that want to deepen their experience by understanding the effect of their practice on the anatomy and physiology of their bodies
  • Body workers such as masseuses, dancers, that use yoga poses, breathing and meditation in their work and that want to increase the effectiveness of that by understanding the effect of those practices
  • Individuals that can commit themselves to a 10 day full time program or a 10 week online program and that are dedicated to do self study

About Merel 

Merel is an author and experienced yoga therapist, public health scientist and former medical student. She is the founder of Parimukti, a yoga school dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation to every individual that wants to seriously study and practice to bring about life transformation.



The cost of the complete course is €850. But if you are really keen to learn and cannot afford the full tuition, write to us and let us know about your situation.

Please fill the form below to know of the commencement dates of the next course and to reserve your seat.

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