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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Team

Bhavini Sharma
Lead Trainer & Alignment

Bhavini’s lifestyle, growing up in India, has always been sustained by asanaspranayama and meditation. She, however, made a regular practice after an emotionally rough period few years back and since then, she has never looked back. The asanas, breath work and chanting led her to a breakthrough and she underwent a complete transformation which she believes will cBhavini Sharmaontinue for years to come. The contentment that she derived from these practices guided her to share her knowledge with those who seek the same. She is a spirit full of wisdom, cheerful, and extremely grounded at the same time.

She has learnt under various teachers across India and blends the teachings to share a session designed to suit present moment, mood and level of the practitioners. She emphasizes on alignment while teaching Hatha yoga and breath work during Vinyasa Kramas.  Always a student of life and yoga, Bhavini strives to strike balance in her own life which is also the intention for most of her classes, to help her students compensate what’s missing from their lives off the mat– movement, awareness, and deeper understanding of the consciousness.

Manjeet Mathur

Manjeet is born and brought up in India and has been travelling since seven years through the country seeking inspiration from different teachers. He has been a professional dancer, fitness enthusiast and intuitive since an early age. After a serious accident in the gym he suffered from a slipped disc. Through physiotherapy and stretching exercises, he was introduced to yoga and has been practising continuously since then.

Manjeet Mathur Teacher Parimukti

Life changed for him when he found ‘his’ teacher guiding him through heart meditations and conscious breathwork. Since then, he has been sharing a wonderful combination of Hatha yoga, heart meditations, dance therapy and massage techniques.

He believes love and compassion are the only religion and life is a celebration of one’s own authentic self. He stresses the fact that even though each single session of his is transformational, the real yoga begins off the mat and in everyday life with our health, relationships, work and time alone. His motto: bring more love to each present moment through breath awareness and conscious actions.

Atalia Galina
Art of Teaching 

Growing up in an open minded house in Israel, Atalia was exposed from a very young age to different holistic treatments, yoga, and different ways to live life. She was always curious to understand how things work, and to and explore herself in this world. At the age of 9 she started to dance. Dance and movement made her discover new ways to explore the body, through the sensations and later also through learning the body’s anatomy and physiology.

Yoga came to her in India, and opened up a whole new world of exploring and learning the different behaviors of the body and mind. Very soon the practice of yoga became a daily thing in her life, helping her to maintain balance and deal with different physical injuries and emotional pains. In the past few years, Atalia has been deepening her knowledge through different practices, massage therapy, and therapy for mobility alignment and correct posture.

When teaching she emphasis alignment, breath work with movement, and encourages her students to feel and learn what is the right practice for them in every particular moment in order to create balance and peace in their body and mind.

Inge Veldscholten

At the age of fourteen, Inge started teaching. First gymnastics, then snowboarding, and later anything else worth sharing. For the past twelve years she has been travelling around the world, looking for a deeper understanding of both herself and her surroundings.

Yoga and breathing came into her life intuitively, over ten years ago because her body needed attention. Later she realised this personal practice is as important as any external therapy. This led her to India, where she continued studying the body and mind through spiritual practices, massage and other forms of body work (creating an understanding of our anatomy and physiology). The study of Ayurveda gave her a framework to analyse the characteristics of anything appearing in life and to understand their interaction with us individuals.

Teaching in itself became a passion, because the process of preparing and sharing knowledge helps her to grow in life: “I love to watch and assist others in growth. It deepens my understanding of the subject, because I have to find a way to help my students work with it. This can only be done by looking at how they approach it, and seeing where my experience can be useful for them – and theirs for me ;).”

Knowing bits of many different styles, in her classes, Inge likes to let things blend and reinforce each other. Using intra- and inter-personal practices to get the message across. She likes to encourage anybody to step out of their comfort zone, because: “Mostly, what holds us back is the limits we use to protect our idea of ‘I’.”

300 Hours & Yoga Therapy Training Teacher Team

Merel Martens
Founder Parimukti
Lead Trainer

Merel Martens

Merel is the founder of Parimukti Yoga & Meditation Center. For Merel, yoga is about understanding who we are and what our relation is to the world around us. We let go of any goals and aims including the wish to become enlightened or the proposed ‘good’ spiritual person, and look clearly at what is.

Merel is known for her open mind and perceptiveness to the varying needs of different students. Always being aware of where any individual student is, she adjusts the teachings smartly; turning the teaching into an art. She is inspired by different schools and teachers but shares from her own experience and understanding. According to Merel this is what makes a true teacher: authenticity. Being authentic is the key to inspire others.

In the teacher trainings Merel will guide you in the process of finding your authentic teaching style to being able to beautifully inspire others. Since 10 years Merel has been studying yoga and has been inspired by both ancient and contemporary teachers. Besides yoga she has been studying Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta (non-duality) and uses the teaching and practices of both philosophies throughout her own life. Merel has a degree in Medicine and International Public Health, and after an international career in the health care sector she has given herself the freedom to dedicate her life to the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation. After some years of teaching in her hometown Amsterdam she now resides in India.

Paul Verkuijlen

Paul started his quest for freedom while playing in the forest in a small village in The Netherlands. While growing up he believed to find freedom in succes and independence, in university and career. After graduation and quitting his job at the government, it became very clear he had to get away from his Western habitat to discover India. That’s where he came in contact with Osho; an opening to a life of celebration and totality.

After staying in several Osho mediation centres and spending time in India , he moved to Australia where he ended up living in a meditation and celebration commune. He studied non-dualism in Portugal and now shares his love for self-inquiry in meditation retreats, but more so with anyone he meets. His sharings are based on becoming aware of belief (systems) and exploring the direct experiencing of life. In the 300 HoursYoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training he will teach about advaita (non-duality) and the art of living. Paul has lost his spiritual quest for freedom; nevertheless, his vivid curiosity for living is flourishing like never before.


Sophie Nusselder
Yin Yoga

To Sophie, yoga means to allow space: the space of pure presence. Asanapranayama and meditation are beautiful tools to observe the ever changing sensations in the body and mind.

Sophie NusselderIn her lessons her personality, which is playful, energetic and introspective, shines through. After she received her first yoga lesson she directly knew she started to explore a path that would change her life. The awareness of the breath connected her with deeper layers: a fortification of magic! At the time she was teaching creative writing to children and started to integrate yogic elements in her lessons. Meanwhile, she started teaching ashtanga vinyasa, yin and yoga with special target groups (inmates, teenage mothers, refugees).

She always had a heart for travelling and feels very blessed to have the opportunity to share yoga at different locations; both in her home country the Netherlands and abroad: “How lovely it is to become a creative, versatile and skilful teacher, motivating and inspiring students in yoga schools, primary schools and at special locations like a prison in Peru, cultural center in Colombia and an eco housing project in Bali!”

Shir Shemesh
Mantra & Sound Healing

For Shir, practicing yoga is like going into nature and breathing clean air after staying in the city for too long: “Yoga teaches that there is a lot of peace and joy inside each one of us that doesn’t depend on anything external. Yoga is a spiritual path for my life.”

Music has been Shir’s main passion and occupation since childhood, playing the recorder and violin. As a professional musician in order to improve body awareness and posture Shir studied Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method. Today he shares his love of music and his sense of divine consciousness, by leading kirtan sessions (chanting mantras). Shir is also inspired by the healing power of magical sounds and uses them in his regular yoga classes.
Born in Israel Shir has always occupied with moral and political questions, longing for a more peaceful environment. As a teenager he was a leader in a socialist youth movement (something similar to Scouts) believing there could be better society. His early non-conformist ideas, with time, transformed to more philosophical and spiritual ones.

Shir started his yoga journey with traditional Hatha yoga classes, but after meeting his teacher Dharma Mittra mainly practices that style. Over the last few years he travels all over the world to teach and inspire. All this would not be possible without invoking the feeling of his own deep inner base, through the practice of yoga.


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