300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala

On successful completion of the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala, students will receive a 300 hours Certificate from Parimukti Yoga.

The Principles of Astana Yoga

Astana yoga is known as the yoga of heart was found in the 1990s by John Friend. Many say that Astana yoga gives them the strength and courage to stabilize their body and mind. Hatha Yoga can get you into shape as well as keep you that way if you use it regularly. Yoga may differ from other forms of exercise that may involve motions that don’t cause strain on the body. When performed correctly, there are no negative effects on the body or mind. What the right way to get your body and mind on the right track. Astana Yoga is known to improve flexibility, muscle joint mobility, strengthens the body and mind, tones and build the muscle up. It will also strengthen the spine, less-in back pain, improve your back pain. Will also create balance and grace stimulates the glands of the endocrine system to improve the digestion and elimination will increase circulation; improves heart conditions; improves breathing disorders. This form of yoga is taught under the 300 hours yoga teacher training course in Dharamshala. The Astana yoga comprises of two energies and spirals:

Two Energies

Consciousness is for as both inner awareness and outward physical manifestation – is experienced as a pulsation of the two complementary energies. The essence of those two energies is prana, which we experience in our surroundings, +breath and physical movement.

1. Muscular Energy – Inward turning, Contracting, Centring

Muscular energy is adventitious, moving from the outer surrounding to inward towards the core of the body. In other words, muscular energy is that, that corporations the muscles at work so they clutch the bone increasing strength, stability, and physical integration within the body.

2. Organic Energy – Outward turning, Expansive, Expressive, Creative

Organic energy is rather extraneous; it is discharging energy that flows from the inwards to the outwards. It is an external extension of energy from that focus on the core of the pelvis. It runs through the core lines of the human’s body to the body’s edges, increasing flexibility, expansion, and freedom in the postures. The word ‘organic’ means the flexible strength of the body that helps in growth and healing.

You will get to learn the working of energies in 300 hours teacher training course in Dharamshala. The working of these two complementary energies in the body works as currents that flow according to the principles given below:

Two Spirals

The spirals comprise of the balanced working in interchanging these contemporary energies. The spiral helps to integrate the muscular and organic energy along the whole body to one energetic central axis of the spine.

1. Inner Spirals

An energy spiral running from the feet up through the pelvis into the abdomen area. The inner spiral moves the legs inward, the thighs backward, and widens the backs of the pelvis and thighs.

2. Outer Spirals

The outer spirals run from the abdominal area down through the tailbone and go through the legs and out through feet. The outer spiral rotates the legs outward, moves the tailbone and thighs forward, and draws the pelvis and backs of thighs closer together.

Three Focal Points

A focal point is the main power centre of prana within the body. Muscular energy produces from the centre integrating the body. Organic energy outstretches from it, through the limbs. There are mainly three Focal points in our body:

– The core of the pelvis
– The bottom of the heart
– The upper palate

Depending on the position of the body the focal point may shift generally to the most weight-bearing place along the central axis. It is also where a pair of loops intersect. When the three possible Focal points are equally weight-bearing, the pelvic focal point becomes the active one. And above all:

The Heart

Yoga arises from the inspiration to become whole, to participate in higher energy, awareness, and purpose of life. This is often the deepest need of the heart. Your feeling or highest would like is that the true power behind your alignment, expression, and knowledge of the very best Self through yoga. To realize, expertise and express that divine self in one’s own life, and should become established in this awareness, currently and perpetually, within the fulfilment of the heart.

Open to Grace

We are more than just our physical body and mind. Everything is made from the same energy. Opening to grace while doing yoga is connecting our self to this energy, that is much bigger than everything. That energy is essential to us, the space in which everything appears and that what appears in it.

In Final words

Astana yoga is a form of yoga that purifies your mind and body and replaces negative energy with positive energy. There are bountiful of centre providing 300 hours yoga teacher training course in Dharamshala also.

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