Parimukti Yoga Teacher Training Level 2

Parimukti Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

Our Level 2 Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training is designed especially for developing more deep understanding of yogic practices and philosophy as well as starting the process of unfolding the authentic and inspirational teacher within. Teaching is an art which requires love and compassion and a flexible mind in order to suit that particular student with his/her particular needs at that point in time. Besides your personal practice most of the hours will be spent on learning how to connect with each student and recognizing their needs. You will be introduced to the ‘Four Tools of Teaching’ and the ‘Qualities of a Yoga Teacher’ which are strong pillars for any teacher to rely on

After completing this Level you are able to properly guide other people through asanas, pranayama, and mediation using different teaching skills and techniques (instructions u0026amp; hand on adjustments). You can bridge your classes with philosophical insights so that the classes are not merely a physical exercise but a sharing and awakening of wisdom. You are able to explain your students the effects, benefits, contra-indications of the practices, and you are able to give alternative practices if required. You will be able to prepare and sequence a class with different focus, what to take in account when designing a class, depending on what students you are teaching and/or your choosen theme of that class. Other than deepening your understanding of yoga and meditation our level 2 training guides and coaches you on the business aspect of running a yoga school.

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