Dharamkot, Dharamsala

Dharamkot, Dharamsala

In spring, Dharamsala is as green as the Parimukti Tree. The air is fresh and clear and  during the morning hours the whole valley of Kangra bathes beautifully in sunlight. If you are a friend of silence and peacefulness and hope to dedicate some time for solitude and your own growth, Dharamsala is a place to come.

In Dharamsala the nature and people’s everyday lives are entangled together tightly.  Mountain slopes are spotted with local’s colourful houses and dazzling flora. Winding back roads lead from one village to another.  Donkies, monkeys, goats, cows, dogs, yaks and cats wander lazely around. After spending a few days here, the relaxed athmosphere takes over nicely and one feels ready to dive into Yoga studies with like minded people. Many different yoga classes, yoga schools, meditation centers and healing practioners are circeled around upper Dharamsla. Dharamsala is also an access town for treks.

The town of McLeod Ganj In Dharamsala is the exile center of the current 14th Dalai Lama, and a refugee center for Tibetans. Tibetan culture has it’s touch everywhere in the area: Buddhist munks and  nunns wander the narrow roads and Dharma students sit in cosy cafes taking a break from studies. Shops offer a wide range of colourful Tibetan handcrafts, art and clothes. Beside the continental menus, restaurants serve Tibetan food like little dumplings called momos.

Our yogaroom and sleeping facilities are located in Dharamkot, a cosy little village in the upper part of Dharamsala. In the serenity of the room, you can turn into yourself and take in all the good teachings of yoga: asana practise, art of teaching, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama and meditatiotion ands well as ayurvedic knowledge.

From your facilities it is only a minute walk to the yogashala. Good restaurants are only five minutes walk away. Services like ATM, medical care and supermarket can be found in center of Bhagsu, ca 1 km from Dharamkot.


The listing of our services included in TTC price in Dharamkot, Dharamsala

  • Sleeping facilities: a clean and secure room with shower and toilet on twin sharing basis. Single rooms with attached bathroom and individual showers are available for additional 100 euros.
  • Wifi and internet at the accomodation facilities (although not always reliable due to factors outside our control
  • Deligious and healthy vegetarian breakfast on training days is included in the fee throughout the course.
  • Healthy vegetarian lunch or dinner can be booked additionally for 75 euros. Students are welcome to bring and share their own meals from outside – however we do not provide in cooking facilities.
  • A massage by a trained masseur
  • An excursion to a Tibetan Buddhist temple, a local village, or the Dalai Lama’s temple
  • Pick up from the Dharamsala (Gaggal) airport – from there it is approximately one to one and a half hour to our centre

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