Ayurveda Immersion

Spiritual and personal growth takes place far beyond your dedicated hour on the yoga mat or meditation cushion. It is in daily life where you can apply all the insights and realisations that you have gained through your hours of practicing. Similarly, it is not only yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and chanting that contribute towards growing spiritually, your life style and diet play a big part as well.

This immersion is specially designed to introduce you to the science of Ayurveda to help you understanding your personal bodily and mental constitution so that you can implement a daily routine and diet according to your needs. You will be introduced to the basic concepts of Ayurveda, which help you to diagnose and determine your own and others bodily constitution. You will study physiology of food intake and energy (physiological and ethical, mindful eating, how to nurture a good relationship with food, and you will be given a basic guide to nutrition for specific illnesses. Commonly practiced diets such as Raw Food Diet, Yogic Diet and a Vegan Diet, are being discussed and some suggestions are given on how to introduce these in your life. Other than that we will be touching upon subjects such as the state of the worlds food systems (land issues, pesticides, genetic engineering etc), ethics in animal raising and food production, and understanding organic farming and home vegetable gardens. Please take note that we do promote any of these diets in particular; we merely introduce you to them so to understand their principles. We feel that it is every individuals choice and responsibility to experience which diet suits one best. For this reason also we do not provide a particular diet during the course as we want to give everyone the opportunity to take their diet as they wish, and we promote you bringing and consuming your own food at our centre.

Main teacher of this immersion is Ashleigh Caradas whom is a dedicated yogi and nutritionist from South Africa. Ashleigh took her first yoga class 15 years ago, and knew from that day on that she would be doing yoga for the rest of her life. She completed her teacher training in Goa in 2009 and has been teaching her creative Vinyasa flow classes in Johannesburg ever since. Ashleigh has practiced many different forms of yoga, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, Forrest, and Jiva Mukti and incorporates aspects of different styles into her classes. Ashleigh also does yoga therapy for autistic children.

Ashleigh is a registered dietician and her nutrition practice takes up much of her time. Ashleigh offers nutritional consults to assist people in achieving their ideal weight, preventing lifestyle related conditions, healing digestive issues and correcting hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances. Ashleigh believes in a balanced, natural and holistic approach to eating and works with each person on an individual basis. Ashleigh places an emphasis on eating as close to nature as possible and honoring the environment when choosing ways and methods of eating. She uses food, supplements and herbal remedies in her approach to healing and also offers body fat, genetic and blood analysis as part of her health assessments.
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