Welcome to Parimukti Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa India

Parimukti Ethos

Parimukti Yoga School is dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation to every single individual who wants to explore this wonderful ancient science in-depth. We view Yoga as a holistic philosophy offering wisdom and tools to transform your life.

In our teacher training programs, we proceed from the physical body (asanas/body postures) to the energy body, and the mind. The 200 hours Basic Training (YA 200) together with the 300 hours Advanced Studies Training (YA 300) is what we see as the “roots” and the “trunk” of the yoga tree.

This is what gives you the foundational ground, connection and steadiness to become a living yogi or yogini, enabling you to explore the endless possibilities of life and your own personal path.

Yoga is a science. Teaching yoga is an art. It requires knowledge and professionalism, authenticity and creativity. Authenticity and creativity makes you’ll flow more in life. When you are liberated from your own fears, you wake up and discover your innermost truth. When you let your light shine, you give others permission to do the same.

Parimukti acknowledges and emphasizes that every student, and teacher, has his or her own unique presence, energy, message and teaching style. We provide an environment for your learning and practice process, where the Yoga method will be presented and practiced in depth.


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