Prashant Kumar

About Prashant

Prashant teaching at parimukti yoga
Prashant Kumar / Lead Trainer

Prashant left working in the IT industry in 2012, in pursuit of something more fulfilling, he had been involved in various activities from martial arts to mountaineering, and it was this love of health and exercise that lead him to yoga. To start with he struggled with some of the physical aspects of the practice, but using his knowledge of anatomy and physics to better understand his own body, he developed specific techniques to help other people understand their own energetic blockages.

Though Prashant started out very much as a physical practitioner he has naturally followed the path into the other elements of Yoga. He has dedicated the last seven years full time to his practice of Asana as well as Pranayama, Mantra chanting, Meditation and Kriyas (cleansing techniques).

With years of intense research and self study, he brings his unique approach to teaching both physical and theory classes. He includes his own experiences, combining them with yogic philosophy and a scientific understanding to make classes interesting, and easy for students to incorporate into their own life.