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What is meditation?

Meditation is a discipline, which depicts the action or the practice of meditating. It includes contemplation, thinking, pondering, reflection, praying, brooding, mulling, etc. It also includes meditation teacher training Goa. It also is a written and spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject. A simple meditation includes the use of the transition from the beta state or the alpha state to the theta state. It also includes focusing on one’s breath. The breath and the mind work in tandem. This includes when the breath lengthens, the brain waves begin to slow. One can meditate sitting comfortably in one’s chair with one’s shoulders relaxed and the spine erect.

What is a meditation teacher training Goa?

A meditation teacher training is a training course in which someone who is trained in the art of meditation. A meditation teacher is one who is trained and then who interns in the field of meditation. Such teachers obtain their success from teaching others the art of meditation. There exists a difference between a certified meditation teacher and someone who can lead others to meditation. Every meditation teacher is trained and certified in the art of meditation; someone who meditates daily; someone who can be resonated with; someone who is open to various styles of meditation; someone who inspires you to live your life at the highest level.

What are the various meditation teacher-training courses?

There are various meditation teacher training Goa courses in existence. There is the 100-hour training which takes place on the Agonda beach of Goa. This course happens in October; November; January; February and March. Then there is the 14 day, 100-hour meditation teacher training in Bhagsu Nag, in Dharamshala. This happens in April; May and June of the year. There is also the 25-day, 200-hour yoga and meditation teacher training that is held at Rishikesh, from February 6 to March 2 of the year. There is an additional certified 200-hour training program in Rishikesh, which happens during the months of October; December; February; March; April and May.

Procedure for selecting a meditation teacher training course

When selecting a meditation teacher training Goa, it is important to decide what kind of teaching you would like to go for. You have to decide whether, you would just like to help your friends, or do you wish to teach in the local classes. It is also important to know whether you wish to bundle it with your other offerings. You can also take meditation teacher training to hold meditation retreats. While doing this it is important to know whether your retreat is for a daily meditation practice or you feel you have uncovered a depth in your own practice. You also need to ascertain whether it is your heart’s calling.


Yoga and meditation are not the only arts taught by meditation teachers. There are many other forms of art, which can be used for keeping the body in good shape. Social workers use meditation to help their clients and their families. Schoolteachers can also benefit from this type of meditation teacher training.

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