200 Hours Yoga TTC Course Rishikesh, India

The affiliated and certified yoga teacher training course that makes you knowledgeably perfect in Yoga

Founded a few years back, our Yoga school has emerged with the motive of one specific thing which is “to be one of the most effective, genuine and professional providers of 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India” and this is something for which we’ve worked every single day. This hard work and these strong-willed efforts have finally made us capable of offering the very best and genuine Yoga teacher training to the ones who’re truly looking out to accomplish this training successfully and effectively.

Our Yoga teacher training school has taken birth in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand, in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River that is Rishikesh. The central purpose of originating our training school in Rishikesh was to bring together the cultural values and nature so as to offer this 200 Hours yoga training course in the presence of great ambience and tranquillity. Here, we strive to offer each and every applicant with the training and experience which makes him or her self motivated and more encouraged about pursuing these yoga courses. There are some of these and many more reasons, which have led us to the point when we have decided to customize and design the courses in such a unique way that every person who’s striving to be perfect in 200 Hours yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh gets what they are actually craving for. We truly and indeed believe in the myth that having comprehensive courses is the only way to empower a person who’s going to see himself or herself as a certified yoga teacher training after a while. In the scenario and presence of so many other training providers out everywhere, we’re someone who desires to be someone who gives the perfect light and guidance to the people which they actually are worthy off.

We consider ourselves as pros when it happens to providing the right training for 200 Hours or any further yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. We’re comprehensively certified and accredited by the National Association which is something that defines us.


Yes, you read it right. Our services and the way in which we conceive this whole concept is somewhere different from pretty much every other training centre in Rishikesh, India. Once you get enrolled into our program, you will be able to see the huge layers of opportunities and yogic kinds of literature on your way. With it, you will be able to get the deepest and greatest sympathies and strata of thoughts which are something which is going to make you more committed and indulged towards it.

Courses at our training school are made in a different way and the reasons behind that are many. We built our courses after considering numerous wants of various levels of practitioners. So, no matter if you’re looking out for a Yoga teacher training course of a fresher level, or of advance level, we’ve covered everything.

Our Yoga School is established with an influential faith to bestow the traditional practice of yoga and the purpose to lead followers on the path of holistic healthy living. Today, we all are in a technological era where everything appears to be intuitive except for our joy. By yoga, we can get the tools to examine our full potential and experience bliss. We put importance on lifelong learning, and students who get associated with us will be provided with the abilities to recapitulate learning during their life. Yoga teacher training course in yoga will enable the student to acquire a better perception and expand their practice of yoga. It helps the student in developing innovative visions in all provinces of yogic practice and also gives them a chance to become a certified yoga teacher – RYT 200.

We Are The Affiliate One’s – This Makes Us Different and Pros

We offer Yoga Teacher Training Courses which are certified and acknowledged by the International Yoga Alliance, USA. We are completely Registered with the Yoga Alliance, USA, for providing 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh and many others as well.

You can easily enroll with us right away to get onto the way of learning and pursuing our courses. We’re certain about the single thing “that this is certainly going to lead you to the way of success”. Indulge yourself into this course and later on, you will realize that how this few-weeks course makes positive and life-changing impacts in your personal and professional life.

We also offer 100 Hours, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh various more places across the India and globe, these courses are a guaranteed way to provide you with a burst of rejuvenation and regeneration of positive energy.

So, what you’re waiting for? Get yourself enrolled in our school and discover the new person in yourself.

In order to know more about us or any query, please feel free to contact us.

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