Parimukti Trainings & Retreats

At Parimukti we offer a number of different long term trainings as well as short term courses
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Parimukti 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect stepping stone to build a strong foundation to sharing and teaching Yoga and meditation

 Parimukti 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training

This training is suited for everybody that has completed a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training and want to go deeper.

Online Yoga Therapy Training
Module: Applied Anatomy u0026amp; Physiology for Yoga Teachers



 Silent Yoga u0026amp; Meditation Retreat

A silent retreat in India to rejuvenate and purify the body and mind and to get familiar with both yoga and meditation


An in-depth online course with our founder Merel Martens
yoga instructor, public health scientist and former medical student

 Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training

A course for students and teachers of yoga that want to deepen their practice and improve their teaching skills by learning about the therapeutical application of asana, pranayama and meditation


 Sound Healing u0026amp; Vedic Mantra Chanting Immersion

A short term course for students and teachers of yoga and meditation that are interested to learn and teach the healing effect of sounds and mantra chanting


 Ayurveda u0026amp; Nutrition Immersion

An in-depth course for everyone that wants to learn how to read their own bodily constitution and learn how to adjust their own diet accordingly in such way that it promotes a healthy lifestyle fit for yoga and meditation



Meditation Retreat


Our most popular meditation retreat

Our meditation retreat helps you to live your life with more joy
It transforms your own practice, your teaching, and your life as well as:

• You will develop a meditation practice that is never an end in itself but rather supportive to your daily life
• You will understand the nature of your thoughts and emotions and thereby resolve the experienced negative effects of them
•  All our meditation teachers are self practitioners from a long time so they are be able to answer your questions from the point of being loving guides who have faced the same challenges that you might come across.
• During the meditation retreat you will explore the practical intersection of yoga and the non-duality advaita philosophy
• You will be able to learn to practice and teach yoga in its true context–as a path to living in awareness

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