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I did my 200 hour Yoga TTC with Merel and Parimukti in April 2015 in Dharamkot, and I brought my 60-year-old mom along for the ride. It was quite the experience, both for me individually and for us to go through together. Mere is a wonderful teacher both because of her knowledge and passion (training with medical school and personal journey learning about yoga) but also because she is wonderful at reading the group mood and dynamics and introducing activities that are specifically tailored to what’s needed at the moment. As a result, we had a very special, close group of the TTC students, and it helped us all handle the challenges that come with such an in-depth and immersive experience. Dharamkot was a beautiful place to spend a month, and we got to experience great lectures at Tushita and even hear the Dalai Lama speak! Overall, it was an amazing month, and I’d highly recommend studying with Merel if you have the opportunity.

Katherine Conaway
Even though I didn’t train through “Parimukti” directly Merel you were one of the most integral instructors of the course… I had to write about you. Taking yoga teacher training with Merel has been a profound experience. She is an exceptional teacher; her breadth of expertise in anatomy, physiology, asana and yogic philosophy is astounding. Merel has the rare ability not only to impart knowledge but truly teaches you how to teach others. Her sincere passion for yoga is both inspiring and infectious and I’m incredibly grateful to call her a mentor and friend.

For the real experience of yoga I decided to visit its source – India. For the intensity of learning about yogic path I chose 500 hours TTC program. It turned demanding to me but I know I was looking for it. it was my chance to know not only the poses and its structure but also therapeutic advantages of asana’s and its history from the teachers . I haven’t seen a person controlling his body so well. I was watching it first as something not natural or magic but then I understood what yoga means when one dedicates himself for it. We had classes of correcting all poses what showed me asana’s from their roots and made them available for people with different body shapes by using props. It also opened the doors of pranayama to me as I never try to use breathing in my life. However we spent almost three months together, I still have on my mind that I could learn more and more from this training.More dynamic yoga classes we had with Merel. I don’t want to be too personal but as a teacher she has this amazing voice that I easily follow as my body trusts and listens to her. I learnt how to compose vinyasa class in a right order, to find rhythm between the postures. I remeber very well yin yoga classes with her as something so totally relaxing and connecting with my body same time, sort of listening to the space where I live in, exploring it. What is more whole philosophic system of yoga was clearly presented to me where I could ask the most complex questions about consciousness, will as well as chakras and nervous system. I was pleased to see everyone sharing knowledge in individual approach, explaining till the matter was understood in clear and simple way always covered with smile. That’s how I started my yogic journey. These people impressed, inspired and motivated me. I carry on following yogic path remembering them as good example of what yoga is and what it brings into my life: peace, harmony, unity.

I completed the 200 hours yoga teacher training in October 2013 and it has changed my life! It was one of the most intense months of my life and there aren’t enough words to describe how much I learnt! Not only were all the classes of Asana, Philosophy, Anatomy, Methodology and Meditation very educational, they also inspired me greatly and I genuinely feel having done the course changed me positively and the other teachers have become my very close friends and I am extremely grateful that they shared their knowledge with me! I felt like everyone is a genius and knows everything you need to know about the human body; by using props and subtle adjustments they make a yoga pose a completely different experience. Merel is an incredible woman, her classes are absolutely wonderful and she has inspired me greatly to be the best yoga teacher I can be! She has a wealth of knowledge and the philosophy classes have broadened my mind even more! I recommend this TCC to everyone and want to thank all the teachers from the bottom of my heart!

Natalie Montoya
We traveled quite a long time (for us), before we got to Dharamkot to do the TTC with Merel and Parimukti. We almost cancelled the training as we did not want to continue our travels anymore. But we are so glad we did change our minds and took part on the TTC! I did not imagine that four weeks of training can be that intensive and can convey how much transformative power Yoga can have for our personal lives. Merel and her team of very dedicated and lovely teachers approached the teaching on a very sensitive and personal way which makes it really special. Her sensitivity for feelings and moods of the group and her openness made space for spontaneous emotional expressions and gave the trust to be able to open our self more. Also I loved the flexible course program changes when there was for example an interesting talk in the Buddhist center Tushita, so the whole group went there and could enjoy some dharma talk. If you would like to do a TTC in a wonderful environment and powerful spiritual place like Dharamkot, I could not imagine a better place and a better Yogacenter like Parimukti.

Thomans and Sabine
Actually I was looking for a yoga retreat or something that will get me down to earth, but for one month at least. All I found in the internet was way too luxurious retreats or ashrams where you seemed to be just a number. But I wanted to learn about yoga and feel yoga, live yoga and talk about yoga. So I found the parimukti homepage and it seemed perfect for me: personal, meditative, more visionary than a business. Merel replied to me in no time and gave me the opportunity to do karma yoga there as well, as I was afraid of not getting enough of yoga over there. Arriving there I found what I was looking for: a small bamboo shed close to the beach, my new home for the next month or so, a stunning sunset and merel playing her flute in the evening next door – I had the perfect first evening in Arambol, Goa. The course itself was intense but super interesting: besides the two asana classes per day, we had a philosophy and anatomy classes – my favorites, but a lot of information to process. Art of teaching, the yoga and meditation did a good round up of the course. We had classes from 7am to 7pm, 6 days a week for four weeks. The lunch breaks I used for a cold shower and a nap, after the day fell asleep right after dinner – or I skipped dinner and just had a massage at one of the many studios around for my muscles that weren’t used to the immense activation. I have never been a straight A student nor a person that would sit in the front row, but in this course I attended every single class – even if I was tired – and tried to to my best to go along with what was asked from the teachers I trusted them as they promised us a life-changing experience if we just were open for it and gave it all. And here is the result: I never felt so good like during these four weeks and after the course. To me, not coming from wellness industry or similar before, this was the perfect break-out that I needed. In my office job (that I quit before the course I was used to process a lot of information, but it was never about me. My body and soul were so happy for all the attention and I was glowing from the inside out. did not attend the course to become a yoga teacher, but to understand more about yoga, to feel and live yoga for at least a month and to calm down from all the stress back home in Vienna. Quitting my job and attending the Yoga Teacher Training as a perfect preparation for backpacking another 6 months were the best choices I did in a long time and I wish from my very heart that people will read this testimonial and be motivated by it, to do the same – just stand up and do something for yourself, your body, mind and soul.

Sandra Miksche
Peace retreat in the jungle.

Beautiful place with nice people, good food.

Awesome place. Good ambiance and delicious food!

A nice place to hang out in the lap of nature. Also an awesome pool for a chilling swim. Very peaceful.

Jungle Dance Cafe, One of the best place where i have been. The World Mouth Harp festival set in the midst of this jungle paradise was just perfect. Lucie was very sweet and caring. Sailor is an old man with a young heart!

The school is operating very nicely. Classes are on schedule. Teachers are dynamic and bring passion and good vibes to each class. Very well run program and they deserve the high ratings.

This yoga teacher training course has been an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much. Not only physically but emotionally as well. And it’s kind of a therapy for me. I discovered parts of myself that I didn’t know they were there before and i could recommend this course to anyone. And the teachers are great too. Thank you very much.

I want to say thank you so much for this beautiful month. I really expected to find time for myself and I found, I feel my body well and also the knowledge during the course. It’s really complete. Thank you very much

What can I say, You guys have been legends in your own way. The teaching has been so nice and all of you got a great energy.

First of all, I want to say thank you to all the great teachers. It was really an amazing month and I learned a lot. It was so tough physically and emotionally so you should be prepared before you go. You’ll grow so much.

I really really enjoyed their teaching. Both had different style but had good class with a really good energy. It’s been a great experience so far. Every day is another discovery. The teachers are all very generous in their teaching and very open to discussions and to thousands of questions that we ask all the time and the social experience has also been amazing.

This joining was full of love. You can give love and you’ll get loads of love. It was just so amazing. Such a great experience.

I went straight from the “Class of Nov 2016” to teaching at an eco resort in Cambodia. The training gave me the know-how, tons of information and exposure to different styles to have confidence putting together and leading my own classes. Getting great feedback and feeling super grateful to all the people at Parimukti. Cheers!

Professional inspiring and open heart … Merel and her team are so dedicated authentic knowledgeable teachers guiding you on your path to grow. NAMASTE

Azuka. K