Atalia Galina

Yoga Teacher Atalia Galina

Atalia Galina

Lead Trainer 300 teacher training,
adjustment – alignment & anatomy

Growing up in an open minded house in Israel, Atalia was exposed from a very young age to different holistic treatments, yoga, and different ways to live life. She was always curious to understand how things work, and to and explore herself in this world.

At the age of 9 she started to dance. Dance and movement made her discover new ways to explore the body, through the sensations and later also through learning the body’s anatomy and physiology.

Yoga came to her in India, and opened up a whole new world of exploring and learning the different behaviors of the body and mind. Very soon the practice of yoga became a daily thing in her life, helping her to maintain balance and deal with different physical injuries and emotional pains.

In the past few years, Atalia has been deepening her knowledge through different yoga practices, yoga therapy, breath work, massage therapy, pilates and therapy for mobility alignment and correct posture.

When teaching she emphasis alignment, breath awareness with movement, and encourages her students to feel and learn what is the right practice for them in every particular moment in order to create balance and peace in their body and mind.


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