Why India is the Best location for Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga is for unleashing the infinite opportunities and physical limits to gain mental and spiritual benefits. It is the method to push your body into new levels that spell the new beam of life for you. Now Yoga Teacher Training can be done in any other country the benefits that you would get while being trained in India; you would hardly get in the world. In India, you would find yourself engrossed in the source of the sacred yogic wisdom. In India is a spirit of yoga which would cover you into in its spiritual cloak and train you to become an enlightened and highly admired yoga guru.

Here are a few reasons why you take Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Indian Yoga Schools works on mind and spirit

Physical asanas are vital, but there should be a creation of resemblance between mind and body. Our minds are constantly looking for a new object of pleasure through the gates of the senses, and attach themselves to every new thing that promises an amusing feeling. Yogic practices help to control the mind and create a balance in the whole being. Most of Indian yoga training schools stress on this relation of body and mind and help their disciples to maintain a holistic living.

Friendly environment for yogic practices

Indian environment is perfect for yoga because the fundamental of India culture is to wake up human consciousness. Traditional ashrams in India help students to develop their will-power by daily practice. The Indian yogic teaching develops disciples to revive their higher power and continues the fight against the inner demon with decisiveness and determination.

Challenge mental and physical ability

Indian yoga retreats are not like western facility which lays importance on comfort and luxury. A part of yogic practices is to challenge your mind and body, to improve your inner strength and serenity. In Indian retreats, followers have to maintain a strict discipline, living a life of a yogi, which will help to change their life, and you will find yourself more flexible both mentally and physically.

Indian Schools develop a Unique Teaching Style

There is a surplus of yoga schools in India that offer yoga teacher training. Select your school intelligently if your aim is to learn yoga to teach other people. Unlike western yoga schools, Indian yoga training schools try to develop your unique teaching style with reality.

New relationships

To meet your fellow yogic participants, discuss with them, practice together, and spend a pleasing time. You will find in Indian yoga schools, and ashrams people from various countries come together and share a common goal. Some of those people you meet during training will hold a special place in your heart.

India is a multi-faceted and multi-colored nation with religiosity, humility, and simplicity lie at its core. And being the birthplace of Yoga, the knowledge that you would get in this land, you won’t get anywhere else.

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