Parimukti is a leader in the webinars field, It has been doing web-based yoga webinars for the last eight years

Parimukti can help you achieve your webinar goals by creating strong long form content, Building a steady dedicated audience, And helping you recruit the right partners and sponsors to move your dream forward.

Parimukti webinar training cost $8099 per year. For individuals, And costs $28,070 for a company.

Parimukti I love you access to the inner marketing team of Facebook and Google hangouts in Silicon Valley. It gives you access of the world’s most successful webinar company owners and spiritual masters, Who have been using this medium to reach vast masses from the comfort of their own home to build a thriving profitable community of like-minded people.

To qualify for the Parimukti webinar course you need to have following qualities.

A desire to know your own truth and to share it with the world.

A steady commitment to see the project from the nascent stage to the finish

A strong love for teaching and sharing your knowledge

The ability to handle groups of more than 40 people at one time.

Paypal or a stripe account linked to your bank account

A deep desire to be your best self and to be appreciated for your qualities by people.

Today there are a lot of peoples who want to get into the webinar business, Ideally we suggest we are business people who have something worthwhile to share and have universal respect for their knowledge among their colleagues their followers and their community. Webinars should not be conducted by people with no experience or with people who are having a strong financial motive versus people who are having a motive of sharing their knowledge