Shir Shemesh

Shir Shemesh - a yoga instructor

Shir Shemesh

Mantra & Sound Healing

For Shir, practicing yoga is like going into nature and breathing clean air after staying in the city for too long: “Yoga teaches that there is a lot of peace and joy inside each one of us that doesn’t depend on anything external. Yoga is a spiritual path for my life.”

Music has been Shir’s main passion and occupation since childhood, playing the recorder and violin. As a professional musician in order to improve body awareness and posture Shir studied Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method. Today he shares his love of music and his sense of divine consciousness, by leading kirtan sessions (chanting mantras). Shir is also inspired by the healing power of magical sounds and uses them in his regular yoga classes.

Born in Israel Shir has always occupied with moral and political questions, longing for a more peaceful environment. As a teenager he was a leader in a socialist youth movement (something similar to Scouts) believing there could be better society. His early non-conformist ideas, with time, transformed to more philosophical and spiritual ones.

Shir started his yoga journey with traditional Hatha yoga classes, but after meeting his teacher Dharma Mittra mainly practices that style. Over the last few years he travels all over the world to teach and inspire. All this would not be possible without invoking the feeling of his own deep inner base, through the practice of yoga.

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