Eva Lisanne

Eva Lisanne - a yoga teacher

Eva Lisanne

Ever since she can remember Eva has been deeply fascinated by life, the body and health. This interest brought her early in her life to explore alternative medicine, bodywork, naturopathy and body and mind awareness.

In her early twenties she left The Netherlands and started travelling to further explore and broaden her experience. This brought her to (body/mind/emotional) awareness training with horses in Australia and various retreats and courses on awareness and the body around the world. The love for living and exploring life from a place of truth and awareness, with this very moment, now as all we have and its never ending depths and beauty is what keeps deeply moving her as a main priority in life.

Her love and passion for awareness, yoga, massage and the several forms of bodywork come from her own experience with these tools for a deep sense of peace, healing and wellbeing. Eva offers sessions and yoga classes worldwide.

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