Dharamshala is a peaceful, serene, and majestic destination sought out by many travelers around the globe. It is located at the foothills of the Himalayas and is covered in dense forests, waterfalls, remote villages, and scenic mountains showcasing its breathtaking beauty to all. Dharamashala is home to the Dalai Lama and a wonderful place to explore the ancient traditions of Buddhism and Tibetan culture. It exudes peacefulness and calmness, allowing for a wonderful location for spiritual seekers and yoga enthusiats.


Parimukti Center


During this training, you will be served a daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Saturday dinner and all meals on Sundays are excluded. This way you can explore all the nice restaurants in the area. Our meals are vegetarian, but we do serve eggs and dairy, no meat and no fish. Meals are a combination of Indian home cooked and occasionally a more Western style. Please feel free to buy your own snacks and food to add on to our meals. We provide student fridges to store your stuff. We provide the three meals and nothing in between, you can get some bananas or other snacks in case you get hungry in between.

Please inform Parimukti of any special diet needs and allergies so that we can cater to you accordingly.

Example of Breakfast

Porridge with fruits
Bread with boiled eggs and jam
Vegetable poha
Vegetable paratha

Example of Lunch

Vegetable curry
Rice and/or chapati
Fresh salad with cucumber and tomato

Example of Dinner

Vegetable curry and rice
Pasta with vegetables

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