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Yoga Therapy training in Goa
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Parimukti Yoga Therapy is a Yoga Therapy Training for yoga teachers and health professionals who want to offer individual treatments combining yoga and meditation practices supported by scientific medical science, based on a deep understanding of who we are, of the body and mind, and the effects of yoga and meditation on the health and happiness of individuals.

What is Parimukti Yoga Therapy?

Parimukti Yoga Therapy is developed as an answer to increasing demand for a different approach to health and well-being. A demand which has been triggered by a growing understanding and experience that our body and mind are undeniably interrelated and that we as individuals are undeniably related to everyone and everything around us. Where Western Medicine typically treats a disease as an isolated entity, the starting point of yoga therapy is the relationship of body and mind and interconnectedness of us in the world. In order to be able to help somebody we need to start looking with different eyes and understand that the complaint is only an expression and to come to relief we might have to look elsewhere. Parimukti Yoga Therapy offers a new framework and approach to health, health care and yoga therapy. Parimukti Yoga Therapy works with asana, relaxation, breath work, meditation, and meaningful dialogues. Gaining insight in the individual’s belief systems is an important element of a session.

Pillars of Parimukti Yoga Therapy

Parimukti Yoga Therapy offers an alternative framework and three categories of tools that we can apply as a yoga therapist, while recognizing that all three tools can be applied together and there is no particular order to it

1. Relaxation – a good way to start as clients often come with a lot of physical and mental stress. A great tool for the client to integrate in their daily life, this can be both in terms of an actual relaxation ‘exercise’ but also can be reflected in actually living at a slower pace
2. Awareness Development – to gain insight in the clients habits (physical and mental), life and belief systems that might be related to the origin and development of the disease. Is only possible if the client is relieved from very acute state of disease but otherwise a crucial element. Usually this will be addressed in meaningful dialogues
3. Activation – as body and mind are interrelated, working with the body is an inherent part of yoga therapy. Asana and breath work are a beautiful tool to work on both strength and flexibility of muscles, but have scientifically proven benefits on the physiology of many other organ systems too.

Parimukti Yoga Therapy does not rule out allopathic medicine but rather promotes the integration of allopathic medicine, yoga philosophy, non-duality philosophy and yoga practices. We believe and have experienced that they can strengthen each other if we are willing to look for bridges rather than excluding one or the other. The sciences and philosophies of yoga, non-duality and ayurveda form the foundation of the Parimukti Yoga Therapy.

Principles of Parimukti Yoga Therapy

  • The client and therapist both must have an authentic and deep desire to reflect
  • Sessions have a highly individual character – even if two clients present themselves with similar complaints, a session could be different
  • Each therapist has to find his/her own way to be most effective, genuine and authentic. Students of the Yoga Therapy Training will be offered a number of tools, but always encouraged to trust on their own experience and integrate their personal/professional background
  • To be a genuine yoga therapist your own practice is most important
Principles of Parimukti Yoga Therapy

The Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training is comprised of 3 modules:

Module 1: Foundations of Parimukti Yoga Therapy

This is our introduction module in which the pillars and foundations of Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training are being thought and is the foundation of our complete Yoga Therapy Training.

It includes teachings and revision of basic concepts from western medicine (anatomy and physiology) yoga philosophy, and Ayurveda are introduced.

It is a mandatory primer for working as a yoga therapist. There is a strong focus on your personal journey, while making a start with practicing in groups. Simultaneously it gives the trainers the chance to get to know you and understand your motivation and give feedback on your dedication and personal practice and transformation, and whether those are sufficient to continue to Module 2

Total Duration: 1 month

Module 2: Parimukti Yoga Therapy & Common Lifestyle Diseases

This Module builds upon the first module and teaches you:

  • How to diagnose a client, tapping from the theory learned in the first module
  • Introduction to different set of diagnostics from different sciences and approaches
  • How to protect your own boundaries and learning about transference, counter transference and co-dependency in a therapist-client relationship
  • Guidelines how to talk consciously to clients and gauge their needs
  • How to set right expectations in terms of outcome, effort and time investment
  • Introduction to a selected number of common diseases and complaints and problems which you will be most likely be approached with as a Yoga Therapist
  • How to use asana, as a treatment in unblocking energy flows, repairing pathways etc.
  • How to use pranayama in treatment
  • How to use meditation as a tool for relaxation and therapy
  • What are the various types of meditation and how do they appeal to various types of people and/or complaints
  • How to design life style changes and nutrition for an individual treatment plan.

You will be trained in the therapeutic applications of different asanas, pranayama, etc and you and your fellow students will be your own test subjects to make you understand the differences rather than merely learning by the book

Total Duration: 1 month

Module 3: Parimukti Yoga Therapy in Practice

After concluding the first two modules students are required to go ahead and start offering treatments. The student integrates the knowledge and skills required and gains confidence and experience. He/she keeps a treatment blog and writes case studies, documenting experiences, challenges, observations, questions, etc. Contact and feedback between the students, as well as between the teachers and students takes place at a regular interval through emailing and Skype sessions.

After gaining some experience the students chooses to continue with Module 3 where we go deeper into studying and discussing frequent complaints and disease patterns.

Total Duration: 1 month

Marel’s Credentials:

Achievements of Marel
Module 1
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Module 1: Essentials of Yoga Therapy
5 January - 23 February 2019
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Module 2: Parimukti Yoga Therapy for Common Lifestyle Diseases
5 February - 23 February 2019
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The course fee includes the following facilities:


Clean, cozy, comfortable and secure shared (2 or 3 persons) accommodations

Single rooms with private balcony, and private attached bathroom with individual toilet and shower available for an additional 200 euros


Specially prepared delicious vegetarian meals during training days

Dinner on Saturdays and all meals on Sundays are excluded so that you can explore the richness of Goa’s restaurants


A locker for valuables

Wifi and internet (though in Goa it is not always reliable or steady due to factors outside our control)

A chauffeured pickup from the airport to our school from Goa airport to avoid the hassle of taxi touts and finding the location if you are arriving in India for the first time


A sight seeing dolphin trip in Goa

A massage by one of our experienced teachers

Two complete printed manuals: one full special Parimukti manual dedicated to the alignment of asanas and one Parimukti manual of the course with background information to the lessons, including diagrams and useful reminders. Many of our ex students consider this manual a cherished invaluable and yet a practical possession

A bag with handy ‘yogic tools’ such as a neti pot, tongue scraper and T-shirt to practice in

Sponsoring a Student or gift a Yoga Scholarship

Participants can sponsor a student by paying full fees for the sponsored student.

Please write to us to know more.If you wish to sponsor poor Indian students (especially women) we will sponsor half of the tuition ourselves and also pay for their accommodation and meals.

If you cannot afford the full tuition

Write to us if you cannot afford a full tuition and we can arrange a internship for a select few students depending on the fullness of the batch. As an intern you will be expected to contribute to the workload of running the course and be one of the staff or helpers of the course. This will be in addition to being a full participant in the course and all the activities.

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If you would like to know more or have a specific query please contact us here

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The Characteristics of the Training:

● Trainings are intense and transformational; we trigger each participant to deeply look into its own health, well-being, character, patterns, habits. Part of the training is to go through your own processes and to reflect on others’ processes. Self-transformation, peer feedback and group dynamics are an important part of the training. Please be aware that this is not always
‘fun’, although very necessary to start your journey as a (yoga) therapist
● Rather than training you in performing a ready made treatment plan for a particular disease we train you how to ‘perceive’ a client in its totality
● You will be thoroughly schooled in basics from western medicine and ayurveda as well as triggered to activate, trust and apply your intuition in working as a therapist.
● Self study is an important part of the training. We expect you to review the notes and material as discussed every evening and prepare as requested by the instructor
● We will use various training techniques from classical lecture, case studies, hands on practice with peers, simulation patients, and real patients
The Yoga Therapy Teacher Training will give you an increased understanding and following benefits:
● You will gain a vast understanding of the physical body and its body systems based on western medical science, including new insights on research between emotion, hormonal imbalances and the brain
● Knowledge about different personality and body types (doshas), and how to read the dosha in other people, based on Ayurveda
● Learn how to observe a clients movement pattern, physical appearance and mental state and will be able to translate this into your treatment plan integrating knowledge from the Indian medical science of Ayurveda
● Gain knowledge of most common diseases and their underlying pathology from perspective of different healing systems
● Learn the application of specific asana, pranayama, kriyas and meditation for different individuals
● You will deeply study your own body and expression patterns of health and disease as the
most important case study and foundation from which you treat others
● Learn how to engage and communicate with clients consciously
● Learn how to distinguish between an acute situation and what you can do, and how to treat more chronic mental and/or physical conditions


● Proven experience of teaching and/or practicing yoga as we assume that you are familiar with yoga asana, pranayama and meditation
● A motivation letter why you want to do this training and how you are intending to use the acquired skills
● You have to be in good physical and mental health; the courses are intense and will be challenging your capabilities to focus, absorb new information and skills and simultaneously trigger personal transformation

The Parimukti Yoga Therapy Training has been developed for:

● Serious and dedicated yoga practitioners that want to gain a deeper understanding about the concept of who we are, health, well being and how an integrated approach of yoga, non- duality, ayurveda, and western medicine can restore health and well being in the people they treat or counsel.
● Yoga teachers that aspire to become a yoga therapist or integrate yoga philosophy and practices in one-on- one sessions.
● Health professionals that want to broaden their knowledge and integrate yoga and eastern philosophies and practices in their professional setting
PLEASE, Do not join this training if you are looking for a mere yoga retreat type training, This is a powerful training that will help you not only acquire in depth knowledge but will also result in beginning your transformation from a Yoga Teacher to a Yoga Therapist. Though this training is open to most everyone who is interested, we reserve the right to refuse admission to people who we feel are not ready for this training yet.

Arambol, Goa, brings together people from all over the world to experience the magnificent world village atmosphere. In Arambol everything is to be discovered from morning meditations on the beach to the most incredible world music at night. It is a beautiful place especially for open minded, art orientated lovers of life who enjoy the mixture of local and foreign cultures. In Arambol you truly sizzle in the center of happenings. People are from all walks of life and embrace diversity with an open heart. Handicraft makers, artists, yoga teachers and trainees, musicians, healing professionals and students come together and practise the ‘art of living’. Arambol is a place to experience and chill out. The colours of India bloom around in thousand of ways. They can be found in women’s dresses and local temples as well as chai (tea) shops and markets. The laid back hippy style atmosphere invites you to spend long lazy evenings with good company in concerts and restaurants. Arambol is spiced up with opportunities to eat vegan, raw, Indian, continental, etc. Name your diet and you can find the food for it.

Our yogashala for the 200 Hours Teacher Training is located at a peaceful location inside Arambol. From the hall at the rooftop you overlook the ocean which is only a minute walk away. The rooms are in the same building (a family run guest house) or in the surrounding buildings. In the serenity of the yoga hall, you can turn into yourself and take in all the good teachings of yoga: asana practise, art of teaching, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama, meditation as well as ayurvedic knowledge. Between the classes you can dive into the refreshing waves of the magnificent Indian ocean.

The beach, closest restaurants and shops are all on walking distance from our facilities. Services like ATM, medical care, veggies stalls and supermarkets are easily available also. Restaurants offer vegetarian food and there is even a number of restaurants specializing in vegan, raw and gluten free foods. Good restaurant that we recommend you to eat at are: Double Dutch, Once in Nature, Magic Park, and Love Temple. Most of the restaurants nowadays provide Wi-Fi services and so we advise you to bring your laptop, smart phone, or iPad, as they come in handy for study purposes

About the Center

Your training will be held at Kanira Homes in a quiet area in Arambol.

The exact address of the center is:

Parimukti Yoga & Meditation Center
Kanira Homes
House No 165
End of Magic Park Road Girkarwaddo,
Arambol, Pernem 403524, Goa, India

How to get to us

There a few options to come to Goa, the best one is a flight to Goa International (GOI) Dabolim Airport which is near the capital of Goa, Panjim/Panaji: There are also buses and trains from Mumbai or other cities in India. Please check details on and

Pick up from the airport is included in the course fee, please inform us timely on your arrival date and time!

Please inform us of any delay by email or sending a Whatsapp message. In case anything goes wrong you can book a taxi from the airport, most taxi drivers talk English and are used to work with tourist so you can feel comfortable taking a taxi from the prepaid taxi stand. Use the address and directions as given above. We will provide a refund for the taxi costs once you have arrived. A taxi should cost around 1500 - 1700 INR.

We do not facilitate pick-ups from anywhere else than the airport, so if you are travelling from within India please arrange your own transport to the center. Please remember if you take a taxi in India it is better to use an agency or pre-paid stands. All taxi drivers should have mobiles, so in case of emergency ask them to call us from their phone.



Our center will be at Kanira Homes – which is originally a family run guesthouse. It is located in a quiet corner of Arambol village and one minute walking distance from the beach. Each room has a ceiling fan generating a gentle breeze. There is a shared fridge for students at a hall, which means that you can buy your own little snacks for the breaks and evenings. The Yoga Shala is at the rooftop with a
fresh air and view over ocean.

We offer the following accommodation options:

1. Shared accommodation in a room with two or three people with a fan, an attached bathroom with western toilet, and hot running water. This accommodation is included in the regular course fee

2. Private accommodation in a room with a fan, an attached bathroom with western toilet, and hot running water. Available for an additional fee of 200 euros

Please inform us by email which accommodation option has your preference! We cannot guarantee your preference, and will get back to you if your option is still available

If all rooms are occupied in Kanira Homes Guesthouse (this might happen if we have many students that opt for private accommodation, we will offer accommodation in guesthouses nearby. We will inform you if this would be the case

Check-in and Check-out

Your room is booked from the date of the Welcome Meeting at the official first day of the course, you can check in from 11.00am - 12.00 noon, we meet at 12.00 noon that day
• The official checkout time is one day after the official last day of the course before 10:00 am in the morning

If you like to arrive before the start of the course – which we recommend highly, in order to adjust to the climate and recover from the trip you can book a place in advance through the internet. You can stay either with us upto 3 days in before the beginning of the course. Or you can find any small guesthouses or hotels near by in Abambol or Mandrem (closest beach) or maybe you would like to explore other beaches in Goa...
Please contact us regarding this in case you are arriving in advance.

During this training, you will be served a daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Saturday dinner and all meals on Sundays are excluded. This way you can explore all the nice restaurants in the area. Our meals are vegetarian, but we do serve eggs and dairy, no meat and no fish. Meals are a combination of Indian home cooked and occasionally a more Western style. Please feel free to buy your own snacks and food to add on to our meals. We provide student fridges to store your stuff. We provide the three meals and nothing in between, you can get some bananas or other snacks in case you get hungry in between.
Please inform Parimukti of any special diet needs and allergies so that we can cater to you

Example of breakfast:
Porridge with fruits
Bread with boiled eggs and jam
Vegetable poha
Vegetable paratha

Example of lunch:
Vegetable curry
Rice and/or chapati
Fresh salad with cucumber and tomato

Example of dinner:
Vegetable curry and rice
Pasta with vegetables


Everyone visiting India requires a visa to enter the country. We recommend you to get a simple tourist visa, not a student visa as the latter needs special requirements. If you didn’t apply yet, please do read up on the process and organize it timely. Sometimes visas are issued within a week, sometimes it takes up to 2 to 3 weeks.

Please remember that your Indian visa will be valid from the date of issue, not the date of arrival, so plan your trip accordingly! Each country has different visa rules and regulations - so please look up the information on Indian Embassy in your country - normally the visa is given for 90-180 days. Please find more details here and inquire for the process, rules and regulations from your country. Be extra aware if you are applying for a visa if you are not in your country of origin as there may be special rules and regulations in that case.

You can also apply for e-visa online following the instruction on the link: this visa are for the listed countries, in length of 30 or 60 days only.

For applying for your visa you may need following information:

Address of your stay:
Parimukti Yoga & Meditation Center

Contact Person:
Mr Avdhoot Vishnu Limaye
Phone No. +91 9637 521 278

Welcome Meeting and When to Arrive

There is a welcome meeting in our hall at 11.00 noon on the official first day of the course to give you general information and instruction about the course, completing the balance course fee and finalize some other administrative formalities. We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce each other.

This meeting will take about an hour. After that we have lunch together and our first classes in the afternoon (philosophy, asana and a meditation class). Please come to this meeting dressed in white.

Please try to get to this welcome meeting. We advice to plan your arrival before midday so that you have time to settle yourself and take a shower. However we understand that traveling depends on many things (connections, ticket prices, etc.), so don’t feel stressed up if you are delayed. We will give you all necessary information and guidance when you arrive.

Useful Things to Carry

• A paper notebook and pen - to take notes at any time during any class
Laptop, tablet or a USB Stick - to collect video or audio files related to yoga and meditations
Passport size pictures and a copy of your passport and visa – Generally it is handy to carry a couple of pictures and copies for other purposes (e.g. to obtain a local sim card, which we recommend)
• At least two warm sweaters, a pair of warm pants, and socks – while the days are warm the evening and nights can get chilly ( in December, January) so be sure to carry at least one or two warm sweaters and long pants. Arambol has many clothes shops where you can buy blankets and hoodies for a fair price
One set of white clothes – for the ceremonies
Towel – two towels. We don’t provide towels. There are enough laundry services around though so one could be enough if you like to travel light. We don’t offer laundry services, but many places around do for small prices.
Toiletries - we don’t provide soap, toilet paper, shampoo, etc. Please bring your own or buy them at the location.
Flashlight – in India always useful

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