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YIN YOGA Meridians and Mindfulness TTC

YIN IS IN. Recently yin yoga is getting a whole lot of attention. Might be because our “yang” dominated modern life calls for more balance. In our Yin Yoga Teacher Training we work on our flexibility while we integrate the ancient wisdom of the acupuncture meridians and the chi flow in a mindful meditative yoga practice.

In the asana the target is the fascial system which connects every part of the body to another, it gives support and stability, yet allows for flexibility and motion. The focus is on applying positive stress to rejuvenate and activate our connective tissues, ligaments, tendons and joints that normally are not getting much attention in other dynamic and muscular practices.

In a Daoist / Zen way, we emphasise the value of breath, meditation and intuition rather than ritual worship or rigorous following of old scriptures and perfect alignments. It matters how it feels much more than how it is supposed to look.

The practice is focused on three tattvas or principles:

“playing our edges”, “remaining still” and “holding a pose for a long time.”

While initially, yin yoga can seem boring or passive, there is actually quite a challenge in finding our edge in the poses and then holding them for a long time.

By doing so we practice Daoist mindfulness principles while reaching into our deepest level of fascial tension. We ride the edges of our sensations with a gentle flowing Dan Tien breath, tuning in – like a surfer is riding the waves of the ocean.

Here is a gateway to emotional healing and the releasing of energetic blockages. Our acupuncture meridian energy flow gets stimulated and we activate our body’s own healing powers. We refresh, rejuvenate and activate our chi.

In the teachers training we take you on a journey through all the Daoist elements. You will learn all about the ancient wisdom of the main acupuncture meridians and chi flow in the body. We will give you insight in each element and the correlating acupuncture meridians and organs. Find out more about their subconscious value and the applied body acupressure points and yin yoga poses to help balance those.

We explain you ways to emotional healing and the releasing of energetic blockages in the asana. As we put our bodies in certain positions different meridian energy streams get stimulated and we activate our body’s own healing powers.

You will get to know more about additional tools and different meditation techniques to support this process. We offer you insight into the power of visualisation and breath, yoga nidra, mantras, mudras and chakras.

At the end of the day there will be different meditations, acupuncture healing circle or a sound healing session, mindful nature walks and kirtans.

And since its all about the balance we make sure we start our days with an active dynamic yang style yoga class.

We discuss yoga’s buzzword fascia as well as the anatomy of the muscular and skeletal body, the concept of compression versus tension in joints and their movement.

To complete a basic understanding of yoga in all its variations we will also look into the Ayurvedic Dosha system and introduce different aspects of yoga philosophy and foundations like the Eight Limbs and Patanjalis yoga sutras.

In our ‘Circles of Transformation’ we create a save space to connect and share. Together we open the gates to a long lasting transformation.

Elemental Yin Yoga TTC Content

definition and theory of yin yoga
physical / energetic / soul & mind / mindfulness

practice of yin yoga
25 regular yin yoga asanas
additional upper body poses, wall poses and modifications
special situations / target areas
elemental sequences

the art of teaching yin
intention / expression / context / tools

chi & the meridian flow in the body
yin / yang / chi defined
5 Daoist elements
12 primary traditional Chinese Medicine organs & meridians
+ physical, energetic and emotional value
+ functional aspects in the asanas

self-healing toolbox
acupressure points for each meridian / asana
anatomy of the mind – mindfulness principles
the power of visualisation & Dan Tien breath
basics of Ayurveda – know your Dosha

daily yang yoga practice
morning class for self practice of different dynamic yang styles of yoga

basic anatomy / Paul Grilly
muscular and skeletal system, understanding fascia, compression vs tension, joints and their movements

yoga philosophy and basic foundations
history and people
8 limbs of yoga
Patanjali yoga sutras
pranayama, chakras, mudras & mantras

sunset circles
different meditations, yoga nidra, kirtan, healing session, circle of transformation, mindful sunset walks …)

Yoga Teacher Atalia Galina
Atalia Galina Lead Trainer 300 teacher training, adjustment – alignment & anatomy Growing up in an open minded house in Israel, Atalia was exposed from a very young age to different holistic treatments, yoga, and different ways to live life. She was always curious to understand how things work, and to and explore herself in...
Manjeet Mathur - philosophy
Manjeet Mathur Philosophy  Manjeet is born and brought up in India and has been travelling since seven years through the country seeking inspiration from different teachers. He has been a professional dancer, fitness enthusiast and intuitive since an early age. After a serious accident in the gym he suffered from a slipped disc. Through physiotherapy...
Eva Lisanne - a yoga teacher
Eva Lisanne Ever since she can remember Eva has been deeply fascinated by life, the body and health. This interest brought her early in her life to explore alternative medicine, bodywork, naturopathy and body and mind awareness. ​ In her early twenties she left The Netherlands and started travelling to further explore and broaden her...
Alexandra Denkinger - a yin yoga expert
Alexandra Denkinger Acupuncture Therapist (M.D.Acu), Yin Yoga Expert and inspired Body-Mind- Soul Bio-Hacker, dedicated to help people empower themselves to live the most authentic, healthy life possible. In her Yin Yoga Sessions she integrates the ancient wisdom of Acupuncture Meridians and Chi flow in a meditative Yoga practice. In a Taoist/ Zen way, the focus...
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Parimukti YIN Yoga Teacher Training (4 weeks) Goa
Arambol, Goa, INDIA
Couple (book with a friend)
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5 October - 30 October 2018
4 months in advance €1600
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The course fee includes the following facilities:


Specially prepared delicious vegetarian meals during training days

Dinner on Saturdays and all meals on Sundays are excluded so that you can explore the richness of Goa’s restaurants


A locker for valuables

Wifi and internet (though in Goa it is not always reliable or steady due to factors outside our control)

A chauffeured pickup from the airport to our school from Goa airport to avoid the hassle of taxi touts and finding the location if you are arriving in India for the first time


A sight seeing dolphin trip in Goa

A massage by one of our experienced teachers

Two complete printed manuals: one full special Parimukti manual dedicated to the alignment of asanas and one Parimukti manual of the course with background information to the lessons, including diagrams and useful reminders. Many of our ex students consider this manual a cherished invaluable and yet a practical possession

A bag with handy ‘yogic tools’ such as a neti pot, tongue scraper and T-shirt to practice in

Sponsoring a Student or gift a Yoga Scholarship

Participants can sponsor a student by paying full fees for the sponsored student.

Please write to us to know more.If you wish to sponsor poor Indian students (especially women) we will sponsor half of the tuition ourselves and also pay for their accommodation and meals.

If you cannot afford the full tuition

Write to us if you cannot afford a full tuition and we can arrange a internship for a select few students depending on the fullness of the batch. As an intern you will be expected to contribute to the workload of running the course and be one of the staff or helpers of the course. This will be in addition to being a full participant in the course and all the activities.

For Accommodation:

You can book accommodation At Aura Spa Retreat in Mandrem (for additional €500) Aura is an award winning hi end luxury resort.
We can also help you find nearby accommodation at local homesteads or guesthouses at cheaper prices. Usually around 200 to 300€

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If you would like to know more or have a specific query please contact us here

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This 200 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training will prepare you to introduce people to this style of yoga with confidence. You’ll have a solid foundation in asana, an feel confident to guide people using breath awareness, pranayama, mantras, meditation and relaxation. Most of all you’ll have an understanding of what the Yoga path really is. Successfully graduated students are aware of their own unique presence, energy, message and teaching style. This program is registered with the American Yoga Alliance (YA), and meets the established standards. Completing our program will allow you to register with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200.


With a meaningful theoretical and practical approach, the training features:

• Daily practice of yin yoga plus a dynamic yang style of yoga for your self practice
• You will have a solid foundation of the yin yoga theory and all the yin yoga asanas, breath awareness, mindfulness principles, the acupuncture meridians and Daoist elements.
• Functional, energetic and emotional aspects of the asanas
• Acupressure points in each asana
• Anatomy, philosophy and the basic foundations and history of yoga
• Sunset circles with different meditation styles, yoga nidra and healing sessions
• Hands on practical experience on how to teach yin


● Preferably you have practiced yoga steadily for a minimum of 1 year with a teacher
● If you are an absolute beginner we recommend you to join the yoga teacher training course for a longer period of time, sometimes even repeating the course at nominal cost so that you pickup a strong foundation and in depth knowledge of yoga and understanding meditation as it works for yourself. It is our understanding that you will gain a deep understanding and knowledge, and even a certificate to teach, but the true body wisdom, empathy and experience can only come from a sustained practice. A longer leisurely course will create a powerful physical, mental and spiritual transformation in yourself
● You are willing to make a commitment of 4 weeks of studying and practicing yoga in depth
● You have a serious interest in both practicing and teaching yoga and meditation. You might discover your love for teaching after doing this in-depth study
● You are looking for a life transforming experience and ready to work hard on self-growth
● You are interested in understanding your body, your mind and your self and are willing to pay the price in discipline, sweat, and facing your own fears
● You are willing to learn from fellow teachers and students as well as share your own wisdom
● You want to study in a small group (max 15 students per class) to get maximum feedback from every teacher and make the training a personal journey above all.
● We welcome students who are in reasonable physical health and no suffering form any major disease (no major conditions or allergies and not recovering from any serious surgeries or medical conditions

Our center is located in North Goa, about 21 km from the capital Panaji.
The closest beach is only a short walk away from the premises. The resort is backyard to the quiet beaches of Morjim, Ashwem and Mandrem.
Mandrem Beach is a white sand beach with clear water. The beach of Mandrem lies between the twin beaches of Ashwem and Arambol. This beach is a quiet and peaceful beach. The beauty of Mandrem Beach is especially during the High Tide time when the sea water rushes into the Mandrem Creek or
River. This Mandrem creek moves parallel to the waterline. Mandrem has a small fishing community and occasionally one might see local fishermen hauling their catch from the sea.
Arambol beach, also very close to the property, has a lot of entertainment options ranging from ecstatic dance, yoga to live music by the beach.
Bike and car rentals are made easy by the resort. If you need to change currency or withdraw money, there are several banks within walking distance from Aura.

About the Center

Your training will be held at Aura, Spa Retreat in a quiet area in Mandrem.

The exact address of the center is:

Aura, Spa Retreat Goa
H. No. 227, Madhalamaj,
Mandrem, Mandrem, Goa 403512, India


How to get to us

There a few options to come to Goa, the best one is a flight to Goa International (GOI) Dabolim Airport which is near the capital of Goa, Panjim/Panaji:
https://www.aai.aero/en/airports/goa. There are also buses and trains from Mumbai or
other cities in India. Please check details on http://www.redbus.in and http://www.makemytrip.com

Closest Train station is

Pick up from the airport is included in the course fee, please inform us timely on your arrival date and time!

Please inform us of any delay by email or sending a Whatsapp message. In case anything goes wrong you can book a taxi from the airport, most taxi drivers talk English and are used to work with tourist so you can feel comfortable taking a taxi from the prepaid taxi stand. We will provide a refund for the taxi costs once you have arrived. A taxi should cost around 1500 - 1700 INR.

We do not facilitate pick-ups from anywhere else than the airport, so if you are travelling from within India please arrange your own transport to the center. Please remember if you take a taxi in India it is better to use an agency or pre-paid stands. All taxi drivers should have mobiles, so in case of emergency ask them to call us from their phone.




Aura Spa Retreat is a boutique property that would offer luxury in the company of health. A holistic rejuvenating experience with the quintessence of Goa that allowed people from different walks of life to start their 'wellness journey' is what he aimed for.

We offer the following accommodation options:

Superior rooms - the Superior rooms are attached to the main building and are very well appointed
as they overlook the pool and yogashala. Each room has a private balcony and is fitted with a kettle, an air conditioner,a safe, refrigerator and a hair dryer in the bathroom. All the rooms have twin beds that can be combined together to accommodate double sharing arrangements.
Delux Cottages - the Deluxe Cottages offer seclusion and privacy with tropical vibes as you can hear the birds throughout the day and there is vegetation everywhere you look.Each cottage has a private sitting area and is fitted with a kettle, an air conditioner,a safe, refrigerator and a hair dryer in the bathroom. All the cottages have twin beds that can be combined together to accommodate double sharing arrangements.
Private Suit - the Suits are very special, each of them are attached with a private plunge pool, a garden area and a deck for sunbathing, relaxation and tea time. Each Suite is fitted with a kettle, an air conditioner,a safe, mini bar and a hair dryer in the bathroom. One Suit has twin beds that can be combined together to accommodate double sharing arrangements whereas the other one has a double bed.

Check-in and Check-out

• Your room is booked from the date of the Welcome Meeting at the official first day of the course, you can check in from 11.00am - 12.00 noon, we meet at 12.00 noon that day
• The official checkout time is one day after the official last day of the course before 10:00 am in the morning

If you like to arrive before the start of the course – which we recommend highly, in order to adjust to the climate and recover from the trip you can book a place in advance through the internet. You can find any small guesthouses or hotels near by in Mandrem, Morjim, or Arambol or maybe you would like to explore other beaches in Goa...
Please contact us regarding this in case you are arriving in advance.

At Aura, we strive to cook and eat in a way that is better for our bodies and the environment around us. We make every attempt to source locally as much as possible to minimise our carbon footprint and to buy organic produce and poultry and to cook seasonal vegetables. Your health is our priority when you stay with us at Aura and we hope
that you can pick up on some healthy tips and recipes to take home so you can continue your wellness journey long after your trip is over. Our chefs have painstakingly curated a healthy menu that incorporates superfoods indigenous to India as well as foods that will suit your dosha type (ayurvedic cooking). The head chef, Hemal and her team are well equipped to handle special requests and can customise gluten free, vegan and vegetarian meals, upon request.

During this training, you will be served a daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Saturday dinner and all meals on Sundays are excluded. This way you can explore all the nice restaurants in the area. Please inform Parimukti of any special diet needs and allergies so that we can cater to you accordingly.


Everyone visiting India requires a visa to enter the country. We recommend you to get a simple tourist visa, not a student visa as the latter needs special requirements. If you didn’t apply yet, please do read up on the process and organize it timely. Sometimes visas are issued within a week, sometimes it takes up to 2 to 3 weeks.

Please remember that your Indian visa will be valid from the date of issue, not the date of arrival, so plan your trip accordingly! Each country has different visa rules and regulations - so please look up the information on Indian Embassy in your country - normally the visa is given for 90-180 days. Please find more details here http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/ and inquire for the process, rules and regulations from your country. Be extra aware if you are applying for a visa if you are not in your country of origin as there may be special rules and regulations in that case.

You can also apply for e-visa online following the instruction on the link:
https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html this visa are for the listed countries, in length of 30 or 60 days only.

For applying for your visa you may need following information:

The exact address of the center is:
Aura, Spa Retreat Goa
H. No. 227, Madhalamaj,
Mandrem, Mandrem, Goa 403512, India

Contact Person:
Mr Avdhoot Vishnu Limaye
Phone No. +91 9637 521 278

Welcome Meeting and When to Arrive

There is a welcome meeting in our hall at 11.00 noon on the official first day of the course to give you general information and instruction about the course, completing the balance course fee and finalize some other administrative formalities. We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce each other.

This meeting will take about an hour. After that we have lunch together and our first classes in the afternoon (philosophy, asana and a meditation class). Please come to this meeting dressed in white.

Please try to get to this welcome meeting. We advice to plan your arrival before midday so that you have time to settle yourself and take a shower. However we understand that traveling depends on many things (connections, ticket prices, etc.), so don’t feel stressed up if you are delayed. We will give you all necessary information and guidance when you arrive.

Useful Things to Carry

• A paper notebook and pen - to take notes at any time during any class
Laptop, tablet or a USB Stick - to collect video or audio files related to yoga and meditations
Passport size pictures and a copy of your passport and visa – Generally it is handy to carry a couple of pictures and copies for other purposes (e.g. to obtain a local sim card, which we recommend)
• At least two warm sweaters, a pair of warm pants, and socks – while the days are warm the evening and nights can get chilly ( in December, January) so be sure to carry at least one or two warm sweaters and long pants. Arambol has many clothes shops where you can buy blankets and hoodies for a fair price
One set of white clothes – for the ceremonies
Towel – two towels. We don’t provide towels. There are enough laundry services around though so one could be enough if you like to travel light. We don’t offer laundry services, but many places around do for small prices.
Toiletries - we don’t provide soap, toilet paper, shampoo, etc. Please bring your own or buy them at the location.
Flashlight – in India always useful

Event Details