Accommodation at Parimukti Yoga Teacher Training

Whispering Lake Resort, Goa

Whispering Lake Resort has 25 cottages and 2 yoga halls for classes and lectures.
Along with speciousness, these rooms are furnished in sophisticated manner. The present time ambiance provided by the facilities around lets you be saturated with the satisfaction. The facilities included are hot and cold water, telephone, Television with the cable connection and toilet attached to bathroom.

Kanira Homes, Goa

Our center will be at Kanira Homes – which is originally a family run guesthouse.
It is located in a quiet corner of Arambol village and one minute walking distance from the beach. Each room has a ceiling fan generating a gentle breeze. There is a shared fridge for students at a hall, which means that you can buy your own little snacks for the breaks and evenings. The Yoga Shala is at the rooftop with a fresh air and view over ocean.


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