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Parimukti Yoga u0026amp; Meditation Center brings together three branches of Yoga which go hand in hand and its combination is very powerful:

1. Hatha Yoga

An important first step in transforming ourselves is physical and mental cleaning and strengthening. Removing any impurity through a proper diet, physical postures (asanas), breathing patterns (pranayama) and mental control (meditation). The Hatha Yoga tradition has given very efficient and effective measures to apply, and when performed routinely and accurately results in physical as well as mental fitness and clearness. So the first step to transforming yourself is by gaining knowledge about yourself through Hatha Yogic practices.

2. Bhakti Yoga

An important pillar Bhakti Yoga, which mainly comes to its expression in chanting mantras. Purifying the emotional body we develop gratitude and devotion; attitudes that are paramount in any kind of personal or spiritual growth.

From a more scientific perspective, chanting mantras with an attitude of gratitude brings emotional, mental and physical health, for the fact that everything in life is in vibration. Everything that we perceive through our senses and each and every single cell of our body is vibrating too. Our cells pick up the vibrations of our surroundings and start vibrating at the same frequency. Some of those frequencies result in more peace and health than others.

Mantras are cosmic sound and  they were discovered by sages in higher states of meditation. The mantra is not just a sound, they are sounds vibrating at particular frequency in each dimension of the personality. DIfferent parts of our body relate to different sounds. Other than healing specific parts of the body on a physiological level also on psychological level mantras heal ourselves.

3. Karma Yoga

The third pillar is selfless action or karma yoga; doing work without expecting certain outcomes or results. Karma yoga is the ultimate practice in selflessness, loosing the ego and while serving others we learn about ourselves also. Karma yoga is part of every program, either by doing little work at the center such as cleaning or some work with the local community

<!–Parimukti offers free yoga classes to communities in its surrounding our students participate in this teachings and experience the pure joy of selfless sharing.–>

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