Learn Meditations, Teach Meditations

From Mindfulness to Heartfulness 

Parimukti is offering a Masters Program in Meditation Teacher Training  in Goa and Bali. This is a Meditation Teacher Training Course that is taking you steps ahead to become a Meditation Teacher

The meditation course aims to offer you the knowledge, the insight and the skills to teach online or on site Meditations

You’re a mindful and helpful person. You want to help, to make a difference. You long to assist.

But you can’t help everyone personally, and not everyone is interested in learning meditation from you.

No problem! You can train as a meditation teacher through Parimukti’s online or onsite program.

Almost everyone is stressed out in this modern world of ours. Fast-paced lifestyles, work pressure and the technological assault on our senses are taking a toll on our health.

By learning how to meditate and reflect, you retrain your mind and gain inner peace.

Parimukti offers courses suited to both experts as well as beginners where you can learn practical meditation exercises. You can learn how to meditate by yourself or attend daily meditation sessions with an experienced guide. 

You’ll also get to practice yoga nidra guided by experts and live music by musicians with doctorates in music therapy. 

Book your spot for one of their courses that will leave you revitalized and more positive about life

You take meditation classes but not sure how to apply them in your life. You have learned so much but doing it did not become a part of your daily life.

You want to become a Meditation Teacher Training and bring meditation into other people’s lives. 

Develop self-awareness, improve relationships and enhance focus
Experience the immersive courses at Parimukti’s centers in India and Indonesia

Meditation Training is an experiential master course in the art of teaching meditation
Our programs train you to support the transformation.

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