We love playing with yoga on the beach, getting our feet sandy and just having some fun in the sun J. Every week we discuss a different asana here, breaking it down from the root to the crown, telling you the what, why and how! This week’s pose is the Warrior I.


Yoga on the beach 


Virabhadrasana I is the Sanskrit name of the Warrior I pose. This pose is named after the fierce warrior Virabhara and symbolizes our inner capacity to overcome our ego and ignorance. The Warrior poses – in total there are three Warrior poses – tests on our strength and inner power, and doing these poses will bring us confidence and bravery. Feeling strong like a Warrior!



Virabhadrasana I is a powerful foundation pose, so if you want to strengthen your base and groundings then this is the way to go! This is a great pose to implement in any asana class as it strengthens the legs, opens the hips and heart area and it stretches the legs and arms. Also, this pose helps with concentration and balance and can be used as a good warm-up for balancing poses. Since this pose can be used as a heart-opener it can be combined in classes structured around backbends and chest-openers.



Start in Tadasana and take wide step back with your left leg and point with your feet about 45 degrees to the left. Check if your heels are aligned and your hips are squared. Bend your front knee and try to bring the thigh parallel to the earth. Keep as much weight on the front heel and big toe, as on the back heel, making sure your back leg is engaged as well as your abdomen, and draw it in and up. On your next inhalation, you lift your arms up, releasing the shoulders away from the ear and widen the shoulder blades towards the spine. Try to elongate your spine and open the heart center towards the sky. Make sure your arms stay engaged and if available you can look up, without compressing the back of your neck. Stay in this pose for 5 to 15 breaths. Soften the shoulders, soften the facial muscles and let your jaw be relaxed. Feel and enjoy the strength of this strong foundation; be like a Warrior J.










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