Meet Doreen One of our lovely stiudents who joined our Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala this year. We love how varied people with varied background come together and end up making similar commitments and discovering a life of Yogic transformation in their own ways. It’s always inspiring to meet dedicated commited people who are transforming their life into a wonderful adventure and a thing of beauty through Yoga.

When did you start yoga?
I started practicing when I was 24, so 6 years ago.

Why did you decide to do a teacher training?
I decided to do it because I wanted to intensify my own practice and to learn more about the essence of yoga. My intention when I began wasn’t focused on being a yoga teacher but to grow in my own practice.

Doreen Yoga TTC 200

What’s your favorite yoga ‘style’?
Vinyasa. I love to practice being in the flow.

How does the training feel for you physically and mentally?
After week 1 I know feel every muscle in my back! I think its just such a difference from being hunched over at the computer. Mentally I feel more open against my fears and anxiety. I want to allow the negative and positive emotions in and accept them for what they are in the moment. Not rejecting them or accepting them but just letting these feelings to be.

Having experienced it yourself what advice would you give to someone with anxiety?
I think its first important to simplify your necessities; good people, good food, good sleep and be in nature. Get out into the wild and really connect. Yoga helps if you really move and breathe at the same time- because you cannot think of anything else; you are fully in the present. Let feelings in and out. Screaming is also so helpful, whether it is on a roller coaster or in the forest. Screaming and releasing is good.
If you could choose one thing that you want from this TTC?
I just want to bring the things I learned here in India home with me and not lose them in the daily struggle.

Over the course of the next month I have choosen Trikonasana as one asana that I would like to know more about and improve on, In week 4 I will again photograph myself and hopefully see the improvement smile-emoticon.

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Arambol, 403524,
Goa, India
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