It feels like months ago that we started but it’s only been 3 weeks…  

lending a hand

 So much change has occurred; from the weather and atmosphere to our bodies and minds.

Most significantly I think that what can transform in a teacher training course is our perspective.
How we perceive everything can alter, if we let it;  from nature to consciousness, self suffering to joy, how we view others and ourselves to even our sensory desires like food and touch. 
After  weeks of daily practice including asanas, learning philosophy, Ayurveda , Antatomy, walking, chanting and interacting. Now it can become a time to give some gratitude to our bodies and thank it for carrying us through our days.
I know that many of us struggle with ever saying thank you to our bodies and we take them for granted. 
I myself have battled a lot within my own skin; size, shape, weight and all that accompanies those insecurities- food, feelings, fear and anxiety.
The first time I truly experienced some peace with my body was in a yoga class. 
I just had an over whelming sense of “what to do, its just me and you”
We had to unite because what other option is there..
What else can you do but respect the bodies form and limitations  and pay gratitude for allowing you to practice and live today. It carried you there to  

the mat and it will carry you home..

So in the final week of training I think its a nice time to reflect and observe yourself  before and after in a kind and loving way  and give thanks to the body 😊

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