Very Sattvic cake!

Very Sattvic cake!

Any morning that starts with the primary series and ends with freshly baked chocolate cake is a good one.

I love practicing Ashtanga yoga. It invites a healthy challenge into my life and gives me confidence in myself and my ability.

The poses can be confronting and sometimes difficult to maintain yet once you achieve it- what ever variation that may be- you feel so energized. The hypnotic rhythm of the asana’s help to quieten the mind and strengthen the body.

Yoga Nidra

There is something quite special about being in sync with a group of people moving together with one breath. I am always amazed at the power of dedication and the potential power that it can have in your life. Just committing to one positive thing everyday can create tremendous holistic benefits.

Finding time and creating space for your practice isn’t always easy, but once you firmly and gladly commit to it, without any sense of burden, it becomes a delight!

Birthday Girl

Anyway today is the birthday of one of our students, Michelle, so after class we all dived into some chocolate cake- an essential part of the celebration Happy Birthday Michelle !

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