Freedom: what’s up with that?

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Freedom. I’dom. Me’dom. Where’s your We’dom?

This world needs a brand new Re’dom. We’dom the key

We’dom the key’dom them to life. Let’s be dem

We’dom smart phones. Don’t be dumb.


A few days ago I bumped into the song ‘Borders’ of Mia: British artist of Sri Lankan and Tamil roots. I almost instantly fell in love with the skittering beat and hypnotic rhytm. With it comes a self-directed video, which makes a statement on the continuing migration crisis, chastising the response of European politicians and lamenting the arrival of border fences to keep out migrants. The video mimics the journeys faced by migrants, showing a flotilla of boats loaded with refugees. Other scenes show individuals scaling massive fences topped with barbed wire, a reference to the series of securitized border fences erected by number of countries to keep out refugees.

The track questions the fabric of modern society – politics, identities, privilege, “breaking the internet” and smartphones – before reducing the world down to its essentials: your values, your beliefs, your families, your power.

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Guns blows door to the system. Yeah f*ck ’em when we say we’re not with them

We solid and we don’t need to kick them. This is North, South, East and Western

Yeah guns blows door to the system. Yeah f*ck ’em when we say we’re not with them

We solid and we don’t need to kick them. This is North, South, East and Western

Technology of human behaviour

I acknowledge we have a history of aggression, war and enemies, jaelousie and hatred. We still have much to learn. We now have an explosion of technology in our culture.  Smartphone technology has transformed the current refugee crisis by making it easier for people to move. Technology has made our lives easier in many aspects but there’s one technology we really need to master and that’s the technology of human behaviour. This science needs to be applied like science, chemistry and biology has been. That’s the one missing ingredient in our culture. And that’s the toughest one because it opposes the way that most people think about themselves. Examining human behaviour as any physical phenomenon will enable us to respect the factors responsible for shaping our attitudes and our conduct.

The men, woman and children in each of those boats aren’t different from the rest of us. Among them are potential postal workers as well as potential plumbers, musicians, office and construction workers, teachers, scientists, assembly line workers, sales clerks etc. What moves them, what are their abilities, ideas and plans, how can we share our world with them?  When we are failing to value them, we show disdain for ourselves as well.

A global transformation

We: human beings must and luckily are transforming – on a global level. From ego-oriented (thinking) to heart-oriented (feeling) of the material to the spiritual. In recent years people often wrote on the calendar of the Mayans who saw 2012 as the date for the cycle in which we would end life. From that prediction is also the “doomsday scenario” emerged which the world would end in 2012, the end of time. The apocalypse. That is a misconception. The cycle just starts again. The world will not stop. The world will transform. I feel we are moving to a time in which we live with open hearts. A time when we deal respectfully with nature and all living beings. Where we are honest with ourselves and others.

The practise of yoga can help in this transition. Yoga is about “letting go”: addiction, greed, resistance, fear, suspicion. Much of the inner and outer conflicts we experience in life is rooted in attachment. The yogic concept of attachment or raga, is one of the five kleshas (Yoga Sutra 2.3) or afflictions that cause suffering. If we want to challenge ourselves to develop our potential, we must be eager to work on our inner and outer conflicts.

Yoga, in Sanskrit, means to completely know yourself and to be at peace in yourself. A natural blessedness unfolds in you as you feel this peace and you increasingly realize this as the core essence of your life. This realization is called yoga: a clear knowledge of the oneness of your self with the source of all life.

Separation is an illusion

Separation is an illusion. The truth all lies within, that we are one with all that is. All emanates form the same essence. If we do this we can pass the illusion of separation and objectivity. If we do this we will have the power and right to act, speak and think as we want which will make us able to provide the full development of human potentiality. Let’s work on it. Now!

Egos (What’s up with that?)

Your values (What’s up with that?)

Your beliefs (What’s up with that?)

Your families (What’s up with that?)

Histories (What’s up with that?)

Your future (What’s up with that?)

My boys (What’s up with that?)

My girls (What’s up with that?)

Freedom (What’s up with that?)

Your power (What’s up with that?)



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