ever wondered what’s a yoga teacher training like? i started today, follow my diary! :)


my name is sandra, i’m from austria and i am doing the parimukti 200 hrs yoga teacher training in goa. i am going to keep you guys updated on daily base with pictures about the classes & around. so just let me know if you like it, or if you have some questions, or if anything else! ūüôā

today afternoon we all met the first time here in goa, india. there are about 30 students and 7 teachers, people are from all over the world and we had a little time to chat. then the teachers opened the course with a beautiful fire ceremony in the shala: in the sense to gain something new, you need to give in something old. to me this was very personal, i thought of some baggage in my old life and symbolically gave a flower to the fire. i remembered the advice from one of the teachers, yogesh:

“if you are open, respect your teachers und give all yourself in, you can have a life changing experience and a month you will never forget!”

sounds great – i’m all in..

tomorrow 7am the first asana class starts, the day is packed until 7pm – for 6 days a week. i’m excited and of course gonna report to you tomorrow about the first training day!

good night,


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